Tuesday, 29 November 2011

School Break is OVER! =O

Oh nooooooooooooo!!! I'm back to school now, err... college! =p After 3 days of orientation programme at Lanai, my mood has yet to be switched back to the nerd me! Wait, I think I AM a nerd? Ha! Just kidding! At least I have my life and... nerds don't? Most of the nerds will probably bury themselves in books for 24/7, but definitely NOT ME! I don't like to study! =p okay this might sound disappointed and harsh to certain people, but I will still continue my study to achieve my dreams! Don't worry haha! =p

I slept at 1.30am yesterday after finished watching TV drama. what the heck? I know my class starts today! But but, after more than 2 months of sleeping late (and waking up late of course), I still prone to sleep late (although slightly earlier yesterday). This is what they called as biological clock. You couldn't actually sleep if you tend to stay up late (or early in the morning). You will probably be having insomnia! I usually sleep at 3-4am, but yesterday night (or today morning) I slept at 1.30am. I think I rolled on my bed for quite some time before actually diving into my dreams. Not good.

Oh yeah you will probably ask what class am I joining and stuffs! =p You know I actually can't wait to meet my new classmates! I'd be joining 1101 PE1! Yes my junior's class! I have a few friends there before this actually... Brian, Teddy Kim and Roshan! Well I'm only close with Brian, anyway. He's one of the CF committee members, so yeah you could probably imagine I will have crazy lots of fun (I hope) in my new class! =p

What I most afraid of when I'm joining new class is not the quality of their lecturers, but rather my ability to adapt to the new class! New classmates, new friends, new classrooms (heck it's in D-floor, the highest floor ever zzz), new environment! Speaking of new classmates, all sorts of characters are expected to be met. I don't really like to judge people, and it's indeed a sin to do so! But to be frank, at some point in life, everyone will judge other people, and that is not excluding me! Alright, DON'T JUDGE! =p

What to do, then? Try to look at people's strengths rather than weaknesses, preferably none at all! Compliment your friends more (although not excessive cause that would sound creepy!), and talk to them more often! I know I will probably be shy when I enter the class (again I'm introvert) but that shouldn't deter me from making new friends! Friends are everywhere, and whether or not you're able to make one, it's entirely up to YOU! And whether or not you're able to find some best friends, again it's up to you!

Some people fit scarily and surprisingly well with others. Lots of common interests perhaps. What? I don't watch football or any other sport games except badminton. One point lost. Zzz... I don't play DOTA and most of the guys at some points of their lifes do (I never even tried playing it! =p). Reading perhaps? Anyone like reading economics, maths and physics oriented books? I LIKE! =p Any gym rats here? Anyone on diet? Let's diet together!

Crap, speaking of diet, I will officially start today!!! Weighing 89kg is NOT fun! It might be not apparent that I'm fat, but I AM! Haha.. okay no oily food! YOU can be witness to this! If you see me eating oily food or anything bad for body, you are allowed to hit me! =x I'm dead serious okay lol! =p No starving but eat LESS! =) I've tried that before and I have survived! Eat more meals but in smaller  proportion! okay I should head to class now! Wish me luck people! =p

Stay tuned! Ciao~

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