Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Vow to Myself! =p

Hello readers! =p

I bet you've noticed that I'm quite active these days (is it? Just two posts consecutively on two different days!), cause I'm having holidays!!! I've practically nothing much to do at home, and guess where I am? I'm at Casa now! Some of my friends who know where Casa is would definitely say, "omg Casa suckkkkssss, what the heck are you doing there?". 

Remember that I said from my previous post, that I'm going to gym today? Yes, no? So I've made a vow to myself that I must go to gym today! Not so much on weight training, but rather emphasize more on doing cardio exercises. Just in case you don't know what is cardio exercise, it's more on fat burning activities like jogging, running, cycling, rowing and some other physically intense activities at the free style corner of the gym.

Rowing Machine 

Hang on, since when I've joined a gym? You know, I have had refrained myself from telling my parents that I've signed up for a gym membership, since like err... 5 months ago? Joining gym, SERIOUSLY? Yes, that's what most of my friends' reactions were when they initially knew about it. How did my parents actually get to know about it when I was trying so hard not to let them know? Kantoi ? (most of my Malay friends would say this when they screwed up by something)

I know my parents too well, I thought. I thought they would be so angry that I joined gym cause they are most of the time being realistic, and a gym membership would definitely cost a hefty sum of money. My parents were grew up from poor families, so their thoughts are quite fathomable. Unlike me, I'm such a lucky kid being able to grow up from a middle class family. Alright back to the story. During my vacation to Kuala Terengganu with my dad 2 weeks ago, I grabbed an opportunity to tell him about this. 

Surprisingly, he wasn't really angry or shocked about it. He just asked me how much I pay every month for the membership, and who the payer is. Since it's me all the while who've been paying the fee, he didn't care much. I know I know, he loves my mom so much! He just want to make sure that I don't waste my mom's money again for my own selfish purpose. Sorry but this time I'm using my own money! =p (or bank's money, ops!) 

Oh by the way, I almost forget to tell you which gym did I join? Fitness First (FF). Why FF? Oh come on, it's the nearest gym from Casa! Yes, it's at the Summit USJ, a small mall of walking distance from Casa. The gym membership costs me around RM143 each month with 1 year contract, but the amount would be auto-credited from my Maybank card so it's nothing to worry about.

So, a vow to myself? By telling you guys that I'm joining gym? Come on, it would definitely mean nothing if that's all! Well, I vowed to myself that I must tone down my body! I've been joining gym for 5 months, but the result? Nothing much, perhaps I've became a bit more... muscular? =p I've been doing weight training for months but I was quite lazy to do cardio exercises like jogging! So my body fat percentage is still quite high! *gasp* Fatty. =(

See? Jogging is the best exercise to reduce body fats! I know I know, it's quite boring, especially jogging on a treadmill! My friends suggested me to listen to musics or maybe watch TV shows while jogging on the treadmill. Perhaps, perhaps I should try that today! I will let you know! =p Listening to songs can actually stray your focus on lethargy to musics. A more relaxing mind, maybe? Whatever thing you do, try to focus on something else apart from lethargy you're experiencing! 

Doing all the cardio exercises alone will definitely NOT help in reducing body fats. You have to take care of your meal! You must be disciplined enough to keep away from all the unhealthy food like junk food, soft drink, any sorts of fast food, potato chips, etc! Eat more healthy food like nuts, oat, cereals, brown rice, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables! Eat more protein and less fattening food! See, I know all these but how often do I actually follow? I just had MacDonald for lunch yesterday. Why is fast food so unhealthy? High calories in burgers and soft drinks; and high fat level in fries and meats. MUST. NOT. EAT. FAST FOOD.

Oats - The Secret Meal 

Eggs - Best Protein Source

Well, having said all these, you guys can be witnesses to my vow! If you see me eating fast food again, you're allowed to punish me! Serious? Yeah!!! Just do it! I'm a fatty now, I must self control and not to eat too much! Anorexia nervosa? Come on, that's still long way to go! Now I'm around 85kg? O.O Crazy. I must reduce at least 10 kg (from 85kg to 75kg), in 2 months time!!! Possible? Just wait. =)

Off to gym now! Ciao~ 

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