Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Post-Workout! @_@

Told ya I'm going to gym today! And here I am, tired like crazy, yet feeling extremely satisfied of the workout just now. Oh by the way, here's a song from one of my favourite childhood cartoons 'Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron' named 'Here I am', enjoy! =)))

Okay okay I know I'm random! =p I just feel like listening to this song, okay? Haha okay! Right so back to the post-workout! What I did today was considered quite intense for me. I saw my Personal Trainer, Miss Cheryl today and since she was quite free, she carried out a test on me. I was required to do a series of workouts in certain period of time, and here's the list: 

1) Running on the treadmill for 20 minutes (I ran 3.3km in 20 minutes with average speed of 9.5km/h) 
2) Rowing for 500m (I did it in like 1 minutes 48 seconds) 
3) Chin up with reduction of 25kg from my current weight (I did it for 5 times consecutively) 
4) Push up as many as I can (I did 25 push-ups straight) 
5) Sit up as many as I can (I did 35 times sit-ups straight) 

And, that's it! Oh-mai-gosh!!! See that! Try that yourself and you will know how tiring the whole process was! I've got 18/36 marks, and it's a PASS! Weeeeeeeee... well not that anything will happen if you failed. Passing mark is 18, so I just hit that right on the spot! Nice. =p 

Just after these workouts, I felt like vomiting! Seriously??? YES! When your body reached a new level of fitness, that is what you will feel, I was told. Hmmm.. so, did I reach a new fitness level? =p Maybe. Just wait and see. Right after that, I bumped into my friend and I continued my workout with him after taking a 5-minutes rest. I did exercises on shoulders today, not too bad I guess. Before going back, I did cardio exercise once again on treadmill and ran for another 5 minutes at 9.9km/h, and walked at maximum percentage inclination (15%) and 6km/h for another 9 minutes, after which I ended my work out with 1 minute sprint with inclination of 3% and 11.1km/h. Total final cardio of 15 minutes. Not bad. =p 

Right, now I'm at home and I'm going to pack my stuff for the Bank's orientation camp now! Going to stay at Casa tomorrow night! =p And final workout tomorrow before enjoying the so called 'heaven' at Lanai Kijang! =p Ciao~ 

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