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Orientation Programme at Lanai Kijang (Day 1)! =)

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!The day that I've been waiting since last year!!! yeah that's right the Orientation programme organised by the Bank! Since last year the Bank staffs didn't manage to organise one for my batch's scholars, they included us along with the juniors! No matter what, the first day was quite fun!!! But I left my camera at my laptop's bag (was at Lanai Kijang by then), and we were at Sasana Kijang (another Bank's building) for the whole day. So yeah, too bad no pictures, yet. But I will definitely post up later, if I managed to get some pictures from my friends. =p

Taylor's scholars in June 2010 intake! =) 

The itinerary today started off with ice breaking planned by my college's scholars, and it was quite fun. Well done people! Nothing much in this slot for me to talk about, otherwise would be quite boring. Next slot was the one that I'm going to talk a lot now. Apparently it's so much more interesting than the ice breaking session.

After the ice breaking activity involving Kodomo Lion toothpaste! =p 

We had a really rare opportunity to interact with seniors who were bank scholars but have already graduated from their respective fields and are currently working now in the central bank. I believe most of my loyal readers have already known that my interest lies within Actuarial Science, and that's what I'm going to pursue (most probably) for the next 3-4 years after my A-Levels. So me and a few of other Actuarial Science scholars were really lucky to have two seniors (Hwee Yin and Sopna) graduated from Cass Business School (City) to share with us insights about Actuarial Science and life that we are most probably be facing in the UK. 

I wouldn't go deep into everything that they have shared with us (I'm super tired now after long day of slots), but I would only tell what I have learnt from them, some were so impactful that it had changed my views about Actuarial Science since then. Firstly is about my plan upon graduation. My plan was, to get further exemptions in professional papers by pursuing MSc. Actuarial Management at Cass, straight after my undergraduate graduation. That was totally not recommended by them, surprisingly. 

They told me that, if I want to stand a better chance to get further exemptions in master degree, I should do a few years of working experience (3 years maybe?) before proceeding to master degree. By so doing, I would have worked on relevant real life applications involving actuarial skills, and therefore would have better understandings on actuarial materials at higher level i.e. Core Application (CA) papers, Specialist Technical (ST) papers and eventually, Specialist Application (SA) paper. Why? Most of the people who are taking master degree would have at least a few years of working experience. Hence, to be able to gain an upper hand in competing with them in gaining further exemptions, I should start working first before thinking too far ahead to pursue master degree. Hmm... good idea! =) 

What are we supposed to plan then, if not all these? Plan for vacations during all the school breaks!!! One thing that really surprised me was, undergraduates have only 5 months of lectures, minus all the Easter break, winter break, summer break, Christmas break and final exams. So technically speaking, we would have only 15 months of lectures throughout the whole undergraduate degree spanning 3 years! So, back to planning for vacations. They encouraged us to plan for vacations to various parts of Europe, and don't waste the rare opportunity of living in the UK.

Also, updated information for sitting of CT9 - Business Awareness Module. What? It's not exactly a 2-day course since we are living in Malaysia, but it's an online course and test. It will be the same for some CA papers involving 2-day course. So everything will be done via Internet. See what technology have prepared for us, lucky fellas! =p 

After the slot, we then had lunch and non-Muslim scholars were lucky enough to be brought around Sasana Kijang to have a tour, to Knowledge Assessment Center (library). Its library was quite awesome with lots of collections and since it's owned by the central bank, it contains all sorts of information regarding world issues, economics data, etc.

*EDIT: Finally I've got a few pictures from my friend, credit to Gracey! =p*

Transparent and elegant looked Sasana Kijang with transparent lifts 

Fountain inside Sasana Kijang 

Discovery Room 1 at Knowledge Assessment Centre


Me and Hari were watching Ziha when she was reading an original copy of trade report! =p 

Elegant multilevel library

Computer room with no computers or laptops? LMAO! xD

After that we had a conversation session with Assistant Governor (AG) Mr. Marzunisham Omar. He is an Economics graduate from the University of Cambridge! O.O He shared some really inspiring stories with us but I wouldn't share anything with you cause it was sort of too long. =p Along with him was another two guys, one of which was a qualified actuary. He did degree in Actuarial Science at LSE, and later on MSc. Actuarial Management at Cass after a few years of working experience. He shared quite a lot of stories too, but what really hit me was, I should join all sorts of activities when I get to the university later, and those are very much cheaper and accessible with a student card. There would be free talks around by famous people, performances by the students, and other relevant activities that would help you in improving your personality as a whole, in any way.

From left: AG Mr. Marzunisham Omar and the qualified actuary working in the Bank! =)  

We later had dinner and a last slot was prepared for us at night. I was dreaming throughout the whole slot (ops! I was too tired okay? =p), but something that I've learnt was, DON'T BE SO KIASU! One of the successful bank staffs who was sharing said that, he was probably the most kiasu person before entering Cambridge to read Economics. He used to think that he was the best until he entered Cambridge and he became an average student (ranked 88/176), even after he worked really hard.

Why is he competing with others to be among the best by working so freaking hard, while the others could still get brilliant results but studying less? He eventually realised this, and started to join everything that he wanted like some lectures that he was interested in (game theory etc), Taekwondo club etc. Whatever things he did, he never ever tried to chase after good grades anymore, and guess what was his rank eventually. He ranked 13/176!!! O_O

See... don't be too kiasu to the extent of neglecting other social activities and stuffs that you genuinely like to do. Just participate in anything good that interests you, and leave everything to God! Try your best and never chase after good grades (although it doesn't mean that you shouldn't allocate time for study). 

So that's it! I think I should stop here. To be continued... =p Ciao~

Stairway to Heaven (Lanai)? Hahaha!!! =p 
Bed with fluffy pillows at Lanai! =) 

Mirror mirror on the wall... Tell me who is the... most handsome guy on Earth? xD jk. =p  

Garden outside the rooms at Level 4! =) 

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