Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Joining New Class for the First time in College! =)

So I bet everyone is wondering how was my first day in the new class thus far! If you read up my previous post then you will know that my holidays have officially ended (although it's going to start again after next week haha!) =p Quite a number of my friends were asking me about my new class, so I decided to blog about it! Just to let you guys know! =)

Well, in the morning I went to the CAL programme office to get the timetable for my new class from Ms. Hema. I thought I was late at school cause I reached college 10 minutes after 8am. But when I looked at the timetable, I was quite happy cause first two periods were LAN and Thinking Skills (free periods for now)! =p So my class was at 10am today! =p

First period was Physics lab class. I introduced myself to Mr. Subra (my new Physics lecturer) and I just entered the lab! He was quite helpful in the sense that he didn't leave me standing alone at one corner, awkwardly! He assigned me to a table with my new classmates and started to teach us about Physics paper 5. Not that bad I suppose, although my brain was completely rusted after 2 months of enjoying my sweet holidays! =p

One thing that I couldn't help but noticed is that my new class was a bit noisy, slightly noisier than my previous class, PE11. You might have guessed why are my new class PE1 people more noisy than PE11. I used to think that PE11 was super noisy although with merely 18 students. Now you can imagine the noise level to increase close to twice the intensity compared to my previous class, cause I have 30 new classmates!!! I'm sort of enjoying a class with larger size of students, cause it's more fun! I will explain more on this later.

After 2 hours of Physics lab class, most of my new classmates came over and greeted me! Most of them were quite friendly and I'm happy with it! =D At least finally I entered a class with the identity of being a normal student, rather than a class rep. To be frank, I don't really like to be a class rep. My life for the past 18 months in Taylor's was rather not enjoyable (too much of personal attacks). I don't actually mind if people tease me for a while, but if someone kept on picking on me, I will have no choice but to defend myself, or rather most of the time I will just keep everything to myself. Somehow I prefer to be a normal student rather than a class rep. Being a normal student, you can just keep quiet at one side and do your work without having to worry much on distractions caused by others (not noise level but personal attacks).

Alright back to the story! One of them asked me to join them for lunch and I agreed. Thank God that my new classmates are all quite friendly and nice! They were all trying to make me easier to integrate into their class and treat me like one of them! Although it's just the first day but I can actually feel that my experiences in this class would be very very much different (and of course more enjoyable) than my previous class's. I might not be able to remember every name now cause I only knew some of them. I will probably ask the same question repetitively 'Sorry, what's your name again? =)'. I will probably need at least one week to know everyone in the class. *Trying to add their Facebook profiles so that I could remember everyone faster* Haha! =p

Next class was the Economics class by Mr. Mohan. I've heard of his glamorous and famous name since long ago, and even my friends from other colleges know him! He's known to be very concise and knowledgeable, and his unique way of teaching students. He got his own tuition center and charges students quite a hefty amount of tuition fees, but still everyone goes. His tuition is sort of an inelastic good! =) and I'm actually quite happy to be so fortunate enough having him as my new Economics lecturer. Oh by the way, he's also my new class mentor! So I bet you're quite excited to know what I think about his way of teaching!

I've never seen Mr. Mohan before. When I was lingering outside the class while waiting for lecturer to enter, I saw a tall Indian guy with medium sized body walking up the stairs, checking his notes (or exam papers) at the same time. Out of sudden I could feel some aura emitted from this unknown lecturer, who seemingly has vast amount of knowledge, and definitely someone that I could learn a lot from! =) Yes he's Mr. Mohan! He  noticed me and asked about my sponsor. After that he started his class. Today he started to teach Marginal Revenue Productivity (MRP) theory of wages. He gave out his notes to everyone, and gave a brief outline on what students are expected to learn throughout this whole chapter. He even included some unfamiliar subtopics in the notes such as 'why there are more and more females participation in the labor market nowadays?'. This induces my interest even more to learn Economics in depth. Definitely looking forward to his class more! =)

Next, it's Mr. Peter again! yes my Further Maths 1 lecturer! He gave us two long questions on Second Order Differential Equation but after more than a month of didn't touch maths at all, I sort of forgot how to do! =( But fortunately after a while I get used to it and finally solved both questions. From this lesson also I found out that some of my classmates are really smart and they were able to help me to get familiarise with my study again. Thanks for the help people! =) After Mr. Peter's class, it was Mr. Lai's class! Oh yeah he's my new Maths lecturer! Quite sporting he is, and he realised that since most of my classmates are taking Further Maths, he doesn't have to teach everything from scratch. He just gave some explanations and gave us some questions to solve. Not bad I think. =)

So that's it! What you guys think? Oh yeah back to my statement of class with larger size of students being more fun. I think it's more fun, cause the happiness level is directly proportional to the number of students in the class, in my opinion. From what aspect that drew me to this relationship? It's like mathematical theorems, being derived from various axioms linking with one another to form complicated ideas. The higher the number of students, the greater diversity of personalities they are adopting. When the personalities of all students in a class are different, there is higher probability for them to develop inspirations and happiness from one another, learn to respect and learn from each other's disparity. That's my thought and of course you're free to challenge my idea. =)

That's all for now! Will keep you guys updated haha! Stay tuned. Ciao~

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