Thursday, 12 January 2012

2kg Lost in A WEEK! =O

That's freaking impossible I thought, but I just did! =O I couldn't believe it but last week when I weighed myself, I was 87kg. Guess how heavy am I now, yes you're right. I'm back to 85! I hope the rate of detraction wouldn't stop right there just before joining gym. I've been weighed 85kg for over 5 years, and I want to break the record of having weight more than 80kg.

As you may have surmised, yes I did it by implementing healthy lifestyle (eating good food and start exercising). I did not expect that rate of decreasing weight but the way I'm using somehow proved its reliability. I had a huge belly with fats surrounding my waist, and my main objective was to cut down my belly fat. That was my main objective and what I did was controlling my diet. I've written the healthy way of eating before in previous posts and I'm going to write it once again. Eat healthy food. No fried food, minimise sweet food, no processed food (mee and kuey teow included), drink a lot of water and eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Remove skins (and the fats around the meat) when you're eating chicken meat, and do not eat any tangible fats (or if possible less fat/oil in everything). Consume high protein food like milk (or low fat milk) and whole eggs.

Drinking low fat milk, eating eggs and chicken breast meat are my favourite. You might argue that egg yolk contains high cholesterol level but from various sources in the Internet, high body cholesterol level is mainly caused by eating red meat (beef, mutton, lamb, duck etc), and NOT by eating egg yolk. In fact egg yolk contains lots of vitamins so it would be a waste if you throw it off.

Drinking low fat milk in excessive (like what I do) also has a side effect, my housemate told me. It's fathomable that my main purpose of consuming low fat milk is to get protein. But low fat milk also has higher proportion of calcium as compared to full cream milk, and having excessive calcium in your body is definitely not going to be beneficial but rather side effects, such as tiredness, loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea. Sounds scary, but I just like drinking milk! =/ Going to cut down my milk intake. Full cream milk is good as the proportion of calcium is not as high as low fat milk's.

This is what I eat for 3 meals in a day and I could actually write it down.

Breakfast : 2-3 slices of wholemeal bread with peanut butter spread, low fat milk, 2 whole eggs.
Lunch: Rice (of your fist size, if possible brown rice), chicken meat / fish, tofu, vegetables (each of these can be substituted by other food having similar amount of protein, carbohydrate and vitamin).
Post-Workout: Chocolate milk / 3 whole eggs (I still do not consume any protein shake till now)
Dinner: Anything light (not heavy), for instance, 2-3 slices of wholemeal bread with peanut butter spread / apple / eggs / milk / oat / nestum etc.

That's all I eat and I'm seeing my result! Perhaps the time period is not long enough to prove this, but I will see what will happen for the next 2 months. =) Just wait.

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