Thursday, 5 January 2012

Holiday's Ending Soon! =(

What??? Holidays spanning a month time are going to end soon!!! Oh yeah it's only ONE month anyway, what to expect? Time flies as you sleep and accumulate fats at home. Wait, that's not what I've been doing okay! I've been 'studying' all this while! Non-academic related though. Who says studying is only necessary for exam?  =p 

Sadly a lot of people do and I used to be in that category. I did not appreciate the value of continuous learning and obviously did not practice it. Knowledge is power! We have so much things to learn and pick up, to equip ourselves with powerful tools for survival in the ever increasingly competitive global market. Yet a lot of us choose to constrain ourselves to topics related to exam syllabus, not for the sake of real knowledge. No exam, no study. That was what I used to say. 

Well now I've changed. I realised I have so much things to learn, and I will pick up as much as I could along the learning path. Besides new year resolutions that I've made for myself, I would add some new goals and pick up new knowledge throughout this year. New Year Resolutions are overrated. 95% of people, after 15 days, would incinerate their new year resolutions and resume to their prior lifestyle, as if they had never set anything for themselves. Me? I will consistently remind myself to keep intact with my new year resolutions. My new year resolutions are not too hard to be achieved, anyway. 

New Year Resolutions are meant to be followed strictly, to be realised by the end of the year. If you couldn't keep intact with the new year resolutions, why bother making a list of it at the beginning of the year and by the end of first month forget about it completely? Be more disciplined, more persistent and more persevere. Everything is possible if YOU want to do it. Yes, you. Mind controls everything, anyway. If you think of success, success will be on your way (of course with efforts putting in). Nobody could change you, only yourself. 

Well holiday's ending soon, the title says. That's right, I'm going back to college on January 10 and by then I might not have enough time to update this blog. I'm afraid that I might leave this blog hanging, just like what happened in March last year after my last post, regarding the actuarial trip to Bank Negara. 

Thinking of this, now I have set a new goal. What? 


Is that even possible, especially during exam period? Why not? Remember, everything is possible if you have the heart and mind to do it. Utilise them and you will discover wonders out of you. You will never knew what is your inner strengths and abilities until you've discovered it yourself. Time to spice up your life (and my life, too)? 

Now, I must create a study timetable! A2 is coming soon this year, for me. Trial is in March and this time I must nail it. History must NOT repeat. I've screwed my A2 Trial last year and definitely not going to do the same this time. Time to practice past year papers and fully utilise my valuable time! First step, start revising! =)

I know that I'm not that disciplined to study cause I never like studying. What? Yes, studying is bored. Learning and truly understanding is the way to go. Studying for the sake of exam by rote learning will not be beneficial to you, and it might bring pernicious consequences to you in the long run. That was what I do throughout my primary and secondary life. Well it's not too late to change, isn't it? It's never too late to change, and it's entirely up to YOU. 

Alright that's all for my motivational talk haha. Stay tuned. =) 

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