Saturday, 28 January 2012

Reflections on January 2012! =)

January 2012 is coming to the end soon and it's time to reflect what I've done thus far. So far my new year resolutions are still remained intact, although I've breached one of them such as diet (especially during CNY week). I could resist myself from all the food temptation in the first 2 days of CNY, but starting from third day I literally ate what were on the table, without self-control much. -.-

As the result of eating everything on the table, my belly is back! Well maybe not as bad as I thought, but still it would take me at least another week to cut it off. Why do you love me so much, belly fat? =( I don't love you and wish you wouldn't come back to me ever. This time I must send you further to somewhere more isolated haha. =p 10kg weight loss wouldn't sound impossible if I'm determined enough.

What about study? CNY mood was so overwhelming that I hardly think of studying. Kids were playing firecrackers everywhere, and again tempting me to join them. -.- Another temptation that I hardly could resist. Well it's CNY anyway, nobody actually study (for non-kiasu Chinese). Time to revive my study mood! Again and again I remind myself to make a study timetable, but many times I just shunned off the idea and procrastinated. It's time to get real. Here is my study timetable. As I said it, I made it straight.

                 Evening (2/3pm - 4pm)            Night (8.30pm - 11.30pm) 

  Monday                                          Maths                                      Further Maths 1 
  Tuesday                                       Economics                                     Economics
Wednesday                                       Maths                                      Further Maths 2 
 Thursday                                         Physics                                          Physics 

I took 3 days off for the time being. Friday usually occupied with CF in the evening, and Homes (cell group activity) at night. =) And during weekend, I wouldn't study much haha, frankly. -.- I should follow this timetable strictly, but I do acknowledge that sometimes lecturers would give class tests and so on. In such occasion, I shall study for the test and compensate the time used  for that particular subject during weekend. Cool? okay done! =) 

Trading? So far I've learnt nothing much new. Mr.Lai (my Maths lecturer) joined Mr. Teh (my previous FM2 lecturer)'s e-learning class about basics in technical analysis and sometimes he does share with me some knowledge about stock market. Nothing much yet so far, but he told me he joined that e-learning class also cause of the wish of sharing opinions and knowledge. That said, I know I can learn a lot from him for the next 5 months. Definitely looking forward to it! Oh btw, I found Everything Technical Analysis (by Jacinta Chan) in the library and I finished reading it in a day cause all those are basics. 

Oh btw, I've got RM200 book voucher (as stated in the Budget 2012) and it's time for me to buy books (again?). I've bought a number of books recently and now I have RM200 more to spend? What should I buy? I don't know. Should ask my seniors on any good books to recommend, that would be relevant to my study in future. Books on actuarial science, risk management, finance, insurance? Or I should just spend it buying some random books like Animal Spirits (by George Akerlof and Robert Shiller) and Fear and Greed (by Pauline Yong)? Those are good books, too. Time will determine everything. Just wait. =) 

One more thing, remember my last way of utilising time? By stop playing Facebook games and applications altogether? Good news, I've stopped playing Maple Story Adventure altogether, for a few weeks now. Incredible! Now I've allocated longer time on doing other more beneficial things. =) 

Wooohooo! Going to Sian Wei's house later for PE1 CNY Dinner! =) I'm glad that I joined PE1, so happening! So far I've joined many events organised by PE1. Sunway trip, squash, watching movie (Jack and Jill) at Tropicana Mall, and now CNY dinner. Thank God for everything! =)

That's all for now, people! February would be more interesting! Stay tuned. Ciao~ =)

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