Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012 (Dragon)!!! =)

Wooohooo!!!!!!!!! yea I'm having lots of fun during this Chinese New Year! And the bliss of getting an Internet connection is so overwhelming throughout this period! I'm now back in Penang Island (Balik Pulau, to be exact) and here locates my grandmom's kampung house. She is 70+ year old this year, but thank God that she's still here. In fact, she's my only living grandparent, and I never had the chance to meet my dad's side grandparents. =( Anyway, they are now in Heaven with the Almighty One! =)

The pretty boy with his two pretty sisters! =p 

On the first day of CNY, we visited my dad's side relatives at Bukit Mertajam (also in Penang, mainland though) and as a young boy I am, I never actually cared much about the most up-to-date gossips in town but rather, getting ang-paos!!! Well I believe most younger generation do (too bad for those who has married). What about those older generation? Keep talking about gossips. Gossips, gossips and gossips. It's been a year anyway, since their last gathering on gossiping. Hours and hours spent (or wasted?) in gossiping. Unproductive, but consolidating family bond. =)

First day of CNY ended with lots of ang-paos picking and gossiping. Second day I met up with Leowanie (a ReComer I knew since January 2010) in Penang and went to Queensbay Mall! And that was my first time visiting to QB! Although I always come back to Penang during Chinese New Year, but I never actually visited QB, not even once! We had lunch at Manhattan Fish Market and that's all, nothing much since not many shops were opened that day. Bad timing, but what to do, she only had that day to meet up (other days, she is going to work).

Me in front of Pulau Jerejak, near Queensbay Mall. =) 

Awesome CNY decoration at Queensbay Mall! =)
Third day of CNY, which is today! Weee!!! My mom wanted to meet her friends at Queensbay Mall (again~ -.-) so my whole family went to Queensbay Mall this time to walk around. Today most of the shops were already opened and a huge crowd, although lesser than ordinary crowd at Midvalley or Times Square, was strolling there. I was hoping to bump into someone I know there but none haha! =p Not enough popularity. Later on we went to visit my aunty's house (mom's sis) at Ayer Itam, and headed to Ayer Itam Dam. We skipped the Kek Lok Si Temple cause it was a bomb. Too many people and ridiculous traffic jam.

Me at Ayer Itam Dam! Looks quite thin haha! =p 

Me, again! =p Plant with nice leaves! 

At the Ayer Itam Dam, I finally had the chance to exercise. I ran through the side path surrounding the dam for a round spanning 2.8km, in my blue jean. -.- I never actually expected that my parents would come here, otherwise I would have brought a shorts and extra shirt. Impromptu. Finally had the chance to exercise? YES! I had been eating too much these few days (okay maybe not that much, but sugary drinks and fattening nice food) and I AM getting fatter!!! Someone would be quite happy reading it. -.- Well I hope I'm not getting fatter haha. Will measure my weight again next week. =p

See how I sweated so much? Feel happy! =) 

Tired~ @.@ 

Oh one more thing! About the chestpain hitting me last Thursday, painkiller itself didn't heal me. I was still having mild chestpain (especially during inhalation) on the first and second day of CNY. Thank God that I visited another clinic (Joe Fernandez) in Bukit Mertajam and the female doctor gave me another set of medicine and it worked! The right explanation about my chestpain is that, when you drink very cold Coca-Cola at a very fast speed, the cold drink encounters a sudden change in temperature (from low to high) inside the body and expands fast to produce bubbles. And the others were almost the same, but of course she prescribed me more than a mere painkiller. -.-

Yea, I'm going back to KL tomorrow! Why? Nothing much to do in Penang, my dad said. Sitting inside the small kampung house in Balik Pulau is suffocating. My grandma is a faithful (I'm not sure about religious? superstitious perhaps?) Taoism practitioner, and would burn red candles for religious purpose WHOLE DAY long alongside with some fruits putting in front of Taoism deity. Eyes would get swollen if you sit at the living hall for more than a few hours due to the candle smoke, serious! I don't have much to comment personally, as this is a religion issue. But I wouldn't sit there for the whole day long inhaling the smoke. -.-

2012 would be my last year celebrating Chinese New Year in Malaysia, as I would be in UK by October this year. I bet I would miss all these a lot, next year during this festive season. But I would get to celebrate Chinese New Year with my friends, well a slightly different way of celebrating Chinese New Year. Definitely looking forward to it haha! =)

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