Friday, 20 January 2012

Counting Blessings! =)

Hello people! I'm back from a week of classes before Chinese New Year! Wait, YES Chinese New Year is coming soon! Excited? I bet you are, if you were a Chinese. Anyway, there are lots of things for me to update here! So ready? Here it goes.

Saw that or not? Yea that's right! As you might have guessed, Taylor's College SJ actually invited a lion dance team to college, just to perform on our ECA Recruitment Drive. I was so freaking excited when I was watching lion dance performance, considering that it's been years since I watched lion dance performance for the last time. Ah, the bliss of childhood memories rushing all over. I literally cheered for the lion dance performers after they finished performing. =p (like a kampung boy haha, I know! -.-) 

It was held yesterday, giving opportunities to new students to join new clubs and societies. When I looked at them choosing society by society, I suddenly thought of myself when I was in my first semester, back in June 2010. That was super long ago, but yea I still can remember that I actually joined 5-6 clubs but eventually, what happened? I'm only active in one club, Christian Fellowship. 

Since I'm only active in a club, all I did yesterday during ECA Recruitment Drive was walking around the car park area (in college, of course) to recruit new members to CF! I felt really honoured to contribute my very best to CF, and I can feel the hands of God working on me! Amen to that. I always had this doubt in myself, that God didn't have a plan for me, in this long journey of salvation. But I was awfully wrong, very wrong indeed. God has proven my value in His eyes, by utilising me in His work, asking new students to come to know Him. Even such a small contribution in human eyes, could be a huge leap towards the salvation of other people. I thank God for that. 

Oh by the way, there were people giving cans of Coca-Cola for FREE yesterday during ECA drive itself. The point is not this, but what I actually learnt is, NEVER drink your coca-cola at very fast speed. I treated Coca-Cola like 100plus + ice lemon tea (my favourite mixture drink) and drank it at a very fast speed, and something 'bad' (I thought) happened to me. My chest felt a sudden excruciating pain, but I prayed and it turned out fine, after a while. 

When I went back to Casa yesterday, I slept for the entire evening and when I woke up, the pain was STILL there and I was freaked out. All in sudden, for once in my life, I appreciate my life so much. I felt so scared of DEATH. The word 'death' never actually crossed my mind even once cause I'm a daring boy. I'm adventurous and brave, and would love to try out everything challenging. Now, what if I couldn't make it to the next morning? Yes, that was the exact thought chest pain gave me. For once, I prayed so hard. For once, I felt that I was so close to God (especially when I was going to sleep at night). 

But I believe. I believe God, that He has a great awesome plan for me. He wouldn't want me to die at such a young age. It's not time for me to die, as it would be such a waste of a great talent that could give huge contribution to both the society and religion. Thank God, that I woke up this morning. Although I could still feel some pain in my chest (especially when I press it), but I know that it's going to be okay. Few hours ago, I went to nearby clinic to consult a doctor. 

As expected, the chest pain was due to extremely fast consumption of Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is an unstable drink, from the perspective of chemical elements. If you drink Coca-Cola at a very fast speed, the drink would expand its bubbles INSIDE your oesophagus (or something like that). The cartilage or joints holding the ribs might have swollen due to the bubbles from Coca-Cola, hence the chest pain. He said, it's perfectly normal! =/ He eventually gave me a packet of painkiller pills and that's it! 

Thank God for this! This is really a relieving and great news for me. Finally I can have a nice sleep tonight. =) So guys, never drink Coca-Cola at a very fast rate, or you might experience chest pain like what I did. 

Enough of this, I have another good news and another blessing in disguise, perhaps. I will tell you about the good news first. Remember I lose around 2kg in a week last week? This week, I was hoping for a similar rate of losing weight. BUT no, unfortunately I didn't lose any major weight. I merely lost 0.1kg (from 84.5 to 84.4) and the good news is, I lost 1kg of fat but gained 1kg of muscles. Body fat percentage dropped from 29% to 28%, which is GOOD! Another blessing that I want to thank God! =) 

Bad news? Err, my sponsor refused to send me to do 4 years MMORSE at the University of Warwick! =O Also, now only I know what I really want. Before this news, remember, I was contemplating between Warwick's MMORSE and Cass' Actuarial Science. Now I know what I really want (4 years MMORSE). But, considering that I could only obtain maximum amount of 2-3 papers exemption from Institute of Actuaries (UK) should I go for MORSE (3 years), I would rather go for Actuarial Science at Cass (able to obtain maximum number of 8 papers exemption). 

Although I could get only 7 papers exemption from MMORSE (4 years) and plus it's 1 year longer than typical Actuarial Science degree at Cass/Heriot-Watt, MMORSE has more optional modules for me to choose, and obviously is more FUN and interesting! It has more flexibility too in the career of applied mathematics, as compared to very specialised Actuarial Science degree. Besides, Mathematics degree in Warwick is one of the Top 4 in the UK (others be Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial) (COWI).

Should I really forgo Warwick for Actuarial Science at Cass? Or, should I go for Warwick's MMORSE and fund myself in my forth year of study, with the other 3 years being sponsored? Or, should I just shut up and go to London? I wouldn't know, and time will determine everything. I still have 4 months to decide, anyway. Anyone has a good suggestion are welcomed to message me, thank you! =)  

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