Monday, 30 January 2012

Heartburn! =(

As the title stated, I bet you guys remember I experienced chestpain (if you have been following my posts since before CNY) when I drank cold Coca-Cola at a very fast speed. Well, this pain persisted until now although the medicine prescribed by the second doctor did alleviate the pain slightly, to the extent of not bothering me; and eventually I stopped the consumption of the medicine altogether.

Till now, I can still feel pain at my chest occasionally, although not that severe to the extent as if a knife stabbing at my chest. Yes the pain is that intense when it strikes and I definitely do not want it to happen in whatever circumstances. I can feel the slightest pain when I inhale, when I wake up from bed, when I carry heavy weight and particularly when I stretch my upper body (chest). 

So what inspires, or causes to be exact, me to write a post about it in my blog? Just now I went to gym after one week of CNY holidays and I started working out as usual. After 30 minutes, I felt some intense chestpain to the extent of experiencing helplessness. I couldn't help but to tell this to my friends around (Hari and Calvin Diong), and they advised me to call my mom and ask her to send me to clinic in seeking treatment. 

I saw my trainer (Ms.Cheryl) and I told her about that. She asked me to go consult a trainee of hers who, by randomness, is a qualified doctor. There stood an middle age Indian guy who was working out and Cheryl told him that I have a crisis occuring. I explained everything to him and there he told me in detail the process of all these occurrences. Well I will tell you how it works, and surprisingly what the other two doctors before this has told me were true. 

The cold carbonated drink (Coca-Cola) entered the oesophagus tube at a very high speed and, while facing sudden change in temperature in the body, expanded, causing the oesophagus tube to expand. The expansion of oesophagus tube then causes the injuries and tears of the tissues and muscles surrounding the oesophagus tube, hence my chestpain, or in more precise word, heartburn. Whenever I inhale, or wake up from bed, or stretching my upper body, I would tend to stretch/move the muscles surrounding oesophagus tube, hence the intense pain. 

This is not all. To my amusement, this situation is also closely related to gastric reflux. What it means by gastric reflux here is, the gastric juice leaks out from the stomach and corrodes the oesophagus tube. There he recommended me Gaviscon, a type of antacid treatment for heartburn, and it can be easily found in any pharmacy center (Guardian, Watson etc). He added on further, this pain would not cause any harm to your body and is completely normal (sounds familiar? Just like what the first doctor said), but only would cause discomfort in you.

He also told me that I should completely stop drinking carbonated drinks or anything acidic (which includes green apple, pineapple, orange, lime juice, ice lemon tea?). He also advised me not to consume food containing high fats level (fried food) and curry. Well those stroke me all in sudden, realising that those are food for weight reducing diet. And yes, he said all these are related to diet as well, and reducing weight is apparently one of the ways to eliminate this problem. 

In the long run, I must take care of my food to prevent such pain from recurrence. It IS possible to eliminate this pain completely but it takes time. Now that I know this would cause discomfort in me, that I should take care of myself and start reducing weight! Well it's one of my goals anyway, to be achieved before my final exam this May/June. Guys, please pray for me, and thank you for faithfully reading my post! I'm happy and certainly grateful, having you as my friend. =) 

Dear Father,

I thank you and grateful for everything you have done for me. I thank you, too, for giving me such pain, strengthening my aim to loss weight and thus have a healthy body to serve you better. I take this as a challenge as well, for me to stay close to you and talk to you more often. I take this as your signal to reconnect with you, that I have deviated so far away from you, and sorry for that. But Father, I pray that you would take this pain away. This pain, even at its slightiest intensity, causes discomfort in me and certainly I do not wish to experience it. Father, you are the Almighty God and I know you love me. You would not give a challenge that your believer wouldn't be able to sustain. I pray that your grace will always be with the undeserving me Father.



  1. kesiannyaaa you... :(
    coke mmg seriously not good for our health kan.. i penah tgk video kt utube bout coke, they cleaned up their toilet by using coke and walaweyh.. the toilet bowl became clean n shining.. so drinking coke is like washing (actually it corrodes) ur gastrointestinal tract.. btw, semoga cepat sembuh :)

  2. thanks Fiena! =) Indeed and I shall stop drinking carbonated drink now, especially Coke. Others like 100-plus can be drink, occasionally. =)


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