Monday, 9 January 2012

New Outlook! =)

Some of my friends told me that it's quite hard to read posts in dark background, especially like what I always do. Long-whining post with many words. Gracemode suggested to me, saying that I should try white background instead with dark color words. I think she was right, so there you go! I think it's time to give this blog a fresh outlook, since it's a new year!

I've got some gifts for my new year and I've posted this on the first day of the year on Facebook! New pair of shoes, new haircut, new wallet and a new spectacle. Now I'm going to strive hard for my new goals, new plans and new hopes! I would be going back to college tomorrow, and hectic classes would be resumed. 

Despite all these gruelling schedule that I've foreseen, I'm definitely looking forward for tomorrow! It's been a month that I've done nothing, revised nothing on my formal academic syllabus. It's time to go back to my study. But it is also the time that I would meet my 'new' friends (after a month of holiday). 

New outlook, as stated in the title, is not only meant for the fresh look of my blog, but rather new expectations and attitudes. I don't expect much for what I could do on the first day, but I definitely can change my attitudes. The main problem that overwhelms me is procrastination. I tend to say 'later-lah' to many things that I am capable of completing it on the spot, but eventually this seemingly easy, yet malevolent, act would creep in and serve as hindrance to completing my works. 

The key word here is discipline. My dad used to accentuate this word over and over again to me and my siblings, wanted us to be discipline in everything we do. Same keyword would be particularly useful here. I've mentioned earlier that I would make a new study timetable; but due to procrastination, I have not created any. I guess I would make one once I get my new class timetable. 

Be nice to everyone might seem easy but in fact it is not. Often you will find yourself couldn't cope well with someone, and you find it very hard to find a common topic to start the conversation with the person due to various reasons. This is a challenge for myself too, cause sometimes I couldn't talk much as well with people around. Some of my friends said that I'm a talkative guy, but I beg to differ. I would only talk if something interests me, otherwise I would just remain quiet most of the time. What you can do if you were in my shoes? Smile. =) 

I find smiling so amusing to the extent that when anyone (including stranger) smiles to me, I will smile back. It's free, anyway. I think smiling people are beautiful people, beautiful in the sense that happiness turns into 'epidemic' and spreads insidiously to everyone around. Want to know how I define pretty girls? Cheerful and friendly girls who smile frequently are pretty, I think. So smile more! Smile turns problems into hopes, sadness into happiness, and many more unexpected transformations. Life is good if you know how to cherish it. 


  1. pretty girls means girls that look like Claire Kwok!!! GuoJING!!!hahaha..

  2. Haha! I didn't refer to anyone in specific! I meant generally! =)


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