Monday, 2 January 2012

Books Collection! =)

Wooohooo I've recently picked up a new hobby - books collection. That's a bit crazy but it was sort of unintended one. Remember I've bought two new books a few days back at Kinokuniya, KLCC? My dad suddenly told me that Bank Negara book sales (40% off) at MPH bookstore is on now but is going to end soon at January 8. Since I've a list of trading or self-help books to be collected and read, I decided to give it a visit!

As you might have predicted, I was strolling around the Finance/Investment section to find for some interesting books (to be collected =p). I've found 7 books that interest me, so I bought it! =p I realised that I might not be able to understand all these book if the contents get too technical, but I know that as time passes, I would be able to understand eventually upon consolidating my fundamentals in topics regarding investing and trading.

Here is the list:
1) A Guide to Investing During Bull and Bear Markets (by Dr Othman Yong)
2) Essential Stock Investment Strategies to Make Money Even in A Falling Market (by Ho Kok Mun)
3) The Financial Times Guide to Technical Analysis (by Jacinta Chan)
4) Winning the Game of Life (by Adam Khoo)
5) Secrets of Millionaire Investors (by Adam Khoo and Conrad Alvin Lim)
6) Secret Psychology of Millionaire Traders (by Conrad Alvin Lim)
7) Profit from the Panic (by Adam Khoo, Conrad Alvin Lim and Ryan Huang)

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