Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Back to Library! =)

I'm ALIVE! And the chestpain hitting me yesterday has subsided, though minor pain still can be felt occasionally. The bliss of living another day enlivens my day with gratefulness; appreciating every single moment through. One of my friends told me the primary reason for not having new year resolutions is, due to highly probable restrictions faced to sole new year resolutions and no further plans. For new year resolutions are deterministic and impromptu plans are pure randomness. 'Live up the day as if everyday was the last day you have' was what my friend told me, and I fully concur with the implication of contributing significances to the society by practicing such wise advice.

Well I'm back to the library! err, yeah college's library if you are wondering. There lies many memories of mine, particularly college life, for the past 19 months. It's been more than 6 months now since my last staying back in the library, mainly after I started joining gym back in July. I prefer not to stay back too late in college, especially the day that I have planned to exercise in the evening after college (mostly Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with the other two weekdays as resting days). But now I have made up my mind, that I shall stay back in college until 4pm everyday to revise my study.

I saw many new faces just now, and the library was as crowded as usual. As usual there were some couples studying together in the library (sorry couldn't help but noticing haha! =p), reminding me of my previous crush back in January last year. But the fact that she stopped studying in Taylor's after securing an post-SPM oversea scholarship faded my feeling towards her gradually. Might just be another puppy love afterall. Ops, too much of privacy disclosure haha! =p

Well, it's time to start my revision now! No matter how thick are my Economics notes, somehow or rather I must start it somewhere. So here it goes! =)

Favourite Music! =)