Saturday, 20 February 2010

Back to home from my dearest hometown!!! ^_^

    I know I should have posted this 2 days ago, but due to my tiredness and laziness that overwhelming me so much that day, I didn't update anything about my whole voyage of Chinese New Year. Since I went back to my hometown in Penang for Chinese New Year last Sunday until I came back to my sweet lovely home, I was prohibited from online as there was no Internet connection in my hometown in Balik Pulau, Penang, and as you might have predicted, I was totally tormented in realm of boringness for these few days. The good thing is, I got a lot of ang pow this year albeit it is less than the previous years and that totally cheers me up.

    From the radio and television program, i heard that those who born in Monkey years'd have less luck in almost everything this year and the most unlucky Chinese zodiac for this Tiger year is the Monkey. Maybe due to that unproven statement, believe it or not, I have vomited twice at the first night of Chinese New Year in my hometown. I had excessive gas inside my stomach and that withhold my digestion system from digesting my dinner. Everything i ate for my dinner expelled and my stomach felt so empty. At 2am that night, I suddenly felt uneasy and woke up to vomit for the second time. I woke my mum up and she helped me by cleaning the basin fulled of disgusting substances and made me a cup of Milo mix with Nestum to fill up my empty stomach. At that very particular moment, I can feel the love from my mother and I felt deeply touched. Thanks mom, I love you!!! <<<333

    Just wondering, why the whether are freaking hot for these few days? From the newspaper as well as television news, the north part of Malaysia has been weeks since the last down pour and some water sources had even dried out. Could it be the effect of global warming just like what most of the people has been educated with but still lack of concern on it? Just thought that we should wake up right now from the millennium of advanced technologies and lean towards green technologies. Even when i was in my hometown, my grandmother's house to be precise, I often perspired even though sat under the swiftly fan. Glad that I came back home finally!!! ^_^

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