Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Relieve finally!!!! ^_^

Just now, while i was being sad due to her, after a long time, the condition changed, and she suddenly became emo and refused to talk to me. Even though i have tried hard to apologize to her, she still didn't reply any message and i have almost out of ideas to persuade her, so i decided to go took a nap. When i woke up just now, she was online still and so i try my luck once again. After 15 minutes, this is the message she sent to me(as below) and finally, she forgave me. Sorry because of i was being emo to you, and i promised i'd never be like that to you anymore. Thanks for forgiving me anyway. =)

when air gets thinner
life gets harder.
sometimes we just get mad over a little thing.
and i'm not that cool.
i'm sorry.
i don't want u to be alone.
bcoz. i'm here.
thnx for those roses that u gave to me.
that whispered sorry.
i kinda emo just now.sorry.

let's get over it.

case's closed.

Favourite Music! =)