Saturday, 27 February 2010

Learnt to be strong!!! =)

After getting a few pals' advices, finally i realized, nothing in this spiteful world is worthwhile for me to scattered my hopes and heart. Sometimes, things doesn't go on like our anticipation, and we must always learn how to be strong and tough. Sometimes, we should just stand up again after fell down, cry out loud and let something go. Sometimes, we should always being considerate to others, especially when things come to a halt. We should not be self-centered and unable to think about others.

After few days of being sad, i decided to stop all this sorrow and let time to decide our destiny. Maybe the relationship will be fruitful, or maybe the relationship would not have a happy ending. I wholly understood your decision and reasons of doing so. Whatever our fate is, i just wish to sincerely apologize to you. I'm sorry, Nodame. =)

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