Sunday, 28 February 2010

A Visit From My Cousins!!! ^_^

Since yesterday, my mom got excited with the visit from some group of people i heard as her friends and relatives. So as i saw my mom talking on the phone happily this morning, my curiosity aroused with those people and hence i asked my mom after she stop talking with her friends. My mom said, "Later your cousins and my colleagues would come to our house for a visit as for the substitution for the Chinese New Year." So, i knew that finally and got myself prepared for everything. My mom and my aunt from Kuala Kangsar went to the market this morning to buy all the foods and stuffs needed for the gathering just now, and time really flew at a fast pace, without noticing much, my mom's colleagues have arrived at my house and the ladies started to give my mom a hand on preparing for the dinner.

Not long after, my cousins from Bukit Mertajam arrived as well and as usual, some ladies went into the kitchen to give their hands. There were quite a number of people inside this house just now, which were 6 mans and 9 ladies, gave a total of 15 person. At 8.30pm, everything was set and well prepared by the ladies. Thanks to them, the dinner looked really great and scrumptious. There were spaghetti served with tomato sauce, cheese, sausages and meat as well as a large pot of steamboat with the vast variety of seafoods. Well, for me, i have ate a lot of spaghetti served with cheese, sausages and meat cause that was really appetizing. While for the steamboat, i don't even touched it since i ate it quite a number of times during the Chinese New Year period back then. At last, there were even round Tiramisu cake and fresh fruits as the desserts for everyone just now. I ate the fresh fruits a lot as they are my favorites since i was still an immature small little boy.

Just now, at 11pm sharp, some of my cousins have to take a move as they need to head for Ipoh. As the aftermath, everyone started to take a move, following them to various destinations. So now, i'm writing this blog and have a belly fulled with foods. Overall, i was quite contented with the gathering today, and i really hoped that many other opportunities would be heading on in future. =)

Favourite Music! =)