Saturday, 13 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year 2010 and Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! ^_^

An hour more before Chinese New Year 2010!!! ^_^  Wow, i'm really excited in awaiting for this year Chinese New Year. This year is my turning point year, where my major school life'd be changing gradually from the secondary high school into college or you may say as Pre-University life. For this year, i have to make a significant decision for my life changing path, whether to choose UPU, matriculation or Form 6 STPM. For me, i have applied for matriculation in my school last year with my teacher's help and paid for application of UPU. Now, i'm trapped between UPU, matriculation and Form 6 as my sister that was just came back from UTM said i can only choose one of them and i'd not be able to get three places concurrently.

For UPU, i can only choose diploma in engineering courses, computer science, technology management and some other diploma courses that i don't really interested in. My parents don't allow me to take computer science as too many people studied it and this field is too crowded now, in fact they told me to take up engineering courses. If i can't take actuarial science and the other related courses in diploma, there's only one field of engineering course in my mind, which are electrical engineering courses. However, i can't turn any way back if i take up diploma in engineering as i can't apply for any other course for my degree later on, which means it'd be the end for me to enter actuarial science for my degree or maybe for my whole life. However, i have paid RM11.60 for the pin numbers of UPU application process, so i have to apply no matter what despite i may lose out my chance of entering actuarial field. However, how about matriculation and Form 6? If  i really so lucky and get the diploma in engineering course, that means i really have to go for it as i have no other choice to make(Form 6 and matriculation). In the end, if i really insist in studying actuarial science, i have to study A-Level in private college with my own pocket money, which of course cost much more expensive compared to Form 6 and matriculation. I really need someone's  advices to help me out of this.

Tomorrow early in the morning, i'd be going back to my hometown which is in Penang Island to visit my grandmother and all my other relatives there. Well, i started to feel anxious and can't really wait longer for my first income(ang pao) tomorrow. Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year 2010 to all the Chinese worldwide!!! May this "Tiger" year bring prosperity, lucks, health and happiness to all!!! ^_^ Not to forget, Happy Valentines Day to all the couples!!! =)

Coincidently, 14 February is also my mum's birthday. Just want to wish her Happy Birthday here... hope that she'll be happy and healthy always.=)

Favourite Music! =)