Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Started to learn appreciation!!! ^_^

Well bloggers, I should have posted this long ago but due to my laziness and being creative of finding futile excuses, I didn't do so. But after thinking all over it again, i decided to post this for one of my friends who was very unlucky in his life. I just almost can't imagine how he got the power and strength to bear and suffer all this. He was one of the Recommers who have just done his F6 STPM and going to receive his result soon.

I just can't imagine how he touched my "cruel" heart with a single video, and you should believe this, I cried when i was watching this video. I started to learn appreciation where before this was a stranger term to me. I started to appreciate everything i have now, including my friends, life, computer, and most importantly, my dearest parents. I know in the previous post, i had being emo for quite a time with my parents and i know i shouldn't, after watching this. Anyway, I'm glad that he's now one of the top students. Good luck, my friend, and thanks in advance for waking me up from the mist. Here is the story of my friend, hope he'd don't mind for me to post it here. 

Favourite Music! =)