Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Rejected!!! T.T

Sad. It's the only word that embraces me now. I started to feel that i can't succeed in everything i do including relationship. I'm just feeling sad that she knew it and intendedly hurt me. I wish to hate her, but i can't. I just can't do it. She was a special person for me, and she was different from others that i knew. She was the first person who gave me roses, even though they were counterfeit one. But still, i hoped that when she's ready to have any relationship, i'd be available for her. Hoped that my feeling won't be faded with time. =)


  1. Oi. Nick. Don't give up. Give her time to think about it. Never force.


    We can't expect the people we love to love us the way we want them to. Because who knows, they might have loved us with all they have =)

    *good luck boy ^^

  2. Thanks starlover for the advices... =) I'd never give up and lets all just be decided by time. ^_^


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