Wednesday, 10 February 2010

An unpredictable feeling in my heart!!!

Boring, boring and boring. Nothing seemed to erase this feeling from my heart for these few days and the only remedy for me was to online everyday and from there, my network friends started to play their role as my source of entertainment and answers to all my questions. I really appreciate it and thanks in advance. As i was chatting with a friend this morning, due to some jokes she made that i couldn't accept and i don't know why, unreasonably i became partially mad and sad. When she realized it, she apologized to me and kept on consoling me. As the aftermath, the potion of madness abruptly disappeared and the sense of sadness totally overwhelmed me by that time. Well, i have some personal problems that i can't share it here and due to it, my heart was rather delicate and I'd get sad very easily by certain unaccepted jokes. No matter how hard she was trying to console me, i still can't escaped from the unforgivable sadness and she just gave up(I thought) and out from the conversation by giving the reason of want to cook her lunch.

As the end of conversation, i continued to surfing the internet as usual, facebooking, recomming, etc. Two hours had passed and suddenly my friend that broke my heart just now buzzed me and gave me her blog's link. You guess it right, she sincerely apologized to me in her own personal blog and I just couldn't believe my eyes. For no reason, all my despicable sadness vanished into the thin air and I felt so touching and i really appreciate it until it gave me an inspiration of updating my blog. I just want to thank you and at the mean time, i genuinely apologize to you for being such an unreasonable person. Hope you don't mind and thanks in advance. Thanks for vanishing my boredness by entertaining me as your friend. Thanks for throwing me snowballs and making me "bleeding". Thanks for giving me advices and i'd try my best to follow them. Thanks for being a good listener of my problems. You are truly a good friend of mine even though you keep on saying that you are not. I really appreciate it and thanks for being my loyalty friend, Nodame. 


Nobita (Nicholas Ng)  


  1. Hello nick, don't be sad la.. you're so sentimental >.< What is the thing you can't accept? It intimidates to make joke with you.. haha, you don't need to tell if you don't want to...

    Anyway, always be optimistic and cheers. ^^

  2. yeah i'm happy now... thanks baby... well actually nothing la... if you want to know, i'll tell you later in the conversation... =) remember to remind me... but it's truly sad for me...


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