Saturday, 27 February 2010

I renounced!!! =(

Tears is the most precious liquid ever flow out from a girl's eyes, and yesterday night is the first time she cry out, for me and in front of me. I'm really sorry, i didn't meant to hurt her and i hoped i didn't. From now on, i swear that i won't bother her anymore, and she would no need to offline to fix everything back to normal now. I just want her to live happily, and she would no need to care about my feeling, whether I am sad or happy. I know i'm not worth it for you to cry about. My heart is brittle and scattered now, and i don't think anyone else has the glue for me. I just need to be alone, until the glue for my dispersed heart appears from her. I won't find anyone else, and i will still wait for her even until i succeed in my own career. =(

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