Tuesday, 23 February 2010

SPM result rumors!!! ~.~

For these few days, a lot of rumors about the SPM result releasing date being transferred from ear to ear by using advanced gadgets such as hand phone and internet. Most of them mentioned about February 29 would be the date where all the results being sent to the Jabatan Pendidikan Negara(JPN), whilst March 16 would be the date where the actual SPM result being announced. Some of the rumors even said about the result'd be announced in end of February, but i don't think it is true because the PLKN peers still haven't completed the training. A very good example can be seen in the year 2003, where the first badge of PLKN trainees received their SPM result in the camp, and since that year onward, SPM results being released few days after the PLKN trainees completed their training, and i don't think this year'd be an exception year. Actually, deep inside my heart, i don't really mind the date of the result being released as i know, everything has been set since the very moment of stepping out the exam hall. In fact, i really wished that the result can be announced as fast as possible, because i can't stand the terrible horrible boringness for these few months any longer.

I just wrecked my nerves in waiting for the releasing of the result, and i hoped that the result'd be my desired one. I know it's quite impossible in getting 10A+ but i know i have the chance in getting at least 3A+, for the others just merely As would be quite satisfying. So, i hoped that everyone'd achieve stupendous result in this SPM examination. Good luck and all the best!!! ^_^

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