Thursday, 25 February 2010

Sad... again!!! =(

She glued my heart and gave me hopes, but now, she smashed it again, and i don't know why. She just can't get rid of her phobia of past history and give me a chance of starting a new relationship. She said that i need to wait for a very very long time, maybe years, just to wait for her answer, and now i afraid that i'd don't have enough confidence, braveness and capability for me to wait for such a long time. I thought that i have the glue that can be used to heal her scattered heart, but then i was wrong. I hoped that i do have, and i know that i have. But she still doubt of the toughness and strength of my glue, which i think my glue would be strong enough to stick her scattered heart, albeit it might be imperfect and leave scars. I know that our relationship might not have a happy ending, but i will try my very best to secure it, from any obstacle that might be faced. Yes, everything is uncertainty and have a risk to happen, but i strongly believed that the risk can be managed and reduced, if our hearts are strong enough. People who dare not bear risk would not have much success in everything they do. As life goes on, we must learn how to be strong, to solve problems, and I really hoped that she can give me a chance, to learn and know each other better. =)

Favourite Music! =)