Thursday, 25 February 2010

Time!!! ^_^

Time. That's the only thing i need to give her now, give her enough time to clear her phobia over the past history. I'm really glad that she didn't mean to hurt my heart nor intendedly did so, and in fact i can feel her "rose" too, if you know what did i meant. The only fundamental thing now is time, so lets all be decided by time. How did i proved my statement? Just now she sent me two songs by Mariah Carey, which were "Through The Rain" and "Thank God I Found You", and from the two songs, i can feel her "rose". Thanks a lot for trusting me, and i believed that i'd have enough patience and time in waiting for her decision. I'd give her time as long as possible, and i hoped that it would be worthwhile in the end. =) 

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