Thursday, 25 February 2010

STPM and SPM results!!! ^_^

25 February 2010,  a very significant date to all the Form 6 2009 students as the main STPM results are being announced today at every school that offers Form 6 classes. New top students from the exam'd be unearthed today and tomorrow to the whole nation of Malaysia, and i really hoped that no matter how was the result for every candidate, they can succeed in their future endeavor. Now i'm wondering how was the result of Johnivan, an unlucky Recommer who is an orphan since he was 9 years old. Hmm, surely he'd get stupendous result in it, hope so. =)

From Ke Yang's blog, a news that would wreck every SPM 2009's candidates' nerves spread from his school, saying that SPM 2009 result would be announced on 11 March 2009. It is proven when his school received a letter from the National Education Department about the announcement date. However, a question kept on tricking out from my mind, which is, how about the PLKN peers? Is that meant that they would receive their results in the camp and repeat the history of the year 2003? Nevertheless, i still hoped that every candidate can achieve their desired result on that day. =) All the best, everyone. ^_^

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