Tuesday, 2 February 2010

My invaluable results, plans and experiences!!!

    Well, everything seems to be out of my way now and i don't think i have much choices due to the aftermath of the scholarships' result. Apparently, i failed to secure any scholarship that i have applied by using my trial result, which are Bank Negara Scholarship, Khazanah Global Scholarship and Yayasan Sime Darby. For the YSD, i have not even being called up for the interview, maybe due to my chosen course that i have wrote in the essay about my career aspiration. I should have choose the course offered by the YSD and that should increase my chances to be called up for interview. Anyway, I have to congratulate my fellow Recomer "slappyfin3" as he have successfully secured the YSD scholarship and would be doing chemical engineering in the United States. For the Khazanah Global Scholarship, fortunately i have been called up for the stage 1 interview and i did realized that my chances of securing it is almost zilch as Khazanah would only sponsor around 10 candidates into its overseas program. However, there is no harm at all for me to attempt and i decided to try it out and hope for the best, and of course the worst.

    In that tranquil morning, my mom drove me to the UEM building where the Stage 1 interview would be held. I felt like having the butterflies inside my stomach and the sense of edgy just simply overwhelming me and it became so unbearable now. I have totally no idea of how the Stage 1 interview would going to be, and i have caught the wind from my friends saying that it would be an interview with the panels and yet i have not prepared anything. My session was scheduled from 10am till 12pm and that was the time where i have drafted my destiny. At 9.15am that day, i have reached the UEM building and surprisingly met my classmate, Danial Zikri who was also the head boy of my school last year. Hence, i started to chat with him and share my worries with him about the Stage 1 interview. When i saw that he was quite confident with the points about the information of Khazanah company, i started to agonize about it as i have not memorized most of the information albeit i did some researches that related to that listed company. After quite a few minutes, Nazrin showed up and we went for registration at the 7th floor of UEM building. Most of the candidates attended that day were fully residential schools' students as well as MRSM students. I hardly saw any Chinese peer there and fortunately Jeremy shown up not long after. Irsyad was appeared there too soon after Jeremy, and i really glad to see quite a number of my school's students had being selected for the Stage 1 interview.

    After the registration process at the counters there, we walked solemnly into the hall and sat on respective places and the whole assessment test begun soon after. I sat beside a student from KISAS and we became friends since then. Well, undoubtedly he was quite friendly and talk a lot with me, but of course not during the assessment tests. After a brief introduction about the assessment tests from the representatives from the Khazanah, the whole assessment test got started. Oh man... I have to admit that the tests were truly hard and i just can't corroborate the answer for every question i did, I mean almost every question. The test was separated into 5 different divisions, which were logics, abstract, story sequences, imagination and numerical ability. After 2 hours, eventually everything had passed and it seems like the heavy rock placed on my shoulder just now has finally disappeared. After a few days, i heard from my friends that they got an email saying that they would be going for the Stage 2 interview on 26 January and i abruptly realized that i have been eliminated from the process and this veto has totally ended my application for Khazanah Global Scholarship. Anyway, good luck to all of my pals in their future endeavor.

    Well, three weeks has passed and and there was no any special occurrence happened within me except for having a pleasant trip to the Higher Education Fair in Mid Valley two weeks ago. From there, i have found out a lot of private colleges and also the programs offered by them. For now, I'm interested in A-Level and discovered that some private colleges do offer certain percentages of tuition waiver, and some even reach 100% tuition waiver which means i don't have to pay anything provided that i have to score at least 9-10As in my actual SPM result. Some colleges have genuinely my attention due to their cheap yet stupendous achievement in the exams, such as Methodist College KL and ATC. If I would be taking A-Level, I would choose these few subjects as my preparation and exposure to the actuarial field, which are Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Accounting. However, there are always risk and uncertainties if i study A-Level on my own. How if i can't find any scholarship to fund my study upon completion and getting admission letters from the foreign universities? Do i have to give up my dreams then? Well, i have found the answers for my inquiries up there from Recom's seniors and they reckoned me to either take up loan or maybe search from everywhere for the scholarships which occasionally offered by foreign universities itself or maybe local companies. So thanks in advance to the seniors there. I'm really appreciate it for solving most of my problems. =)
    However, if i failed to secure any scholarship after the actual result came out, due to the inadequate cash in my wallet, I might have to go study Form 6 in the end as i don't want to be a financial burden to my parents. Hence, to pass my leisure time beneficially, I have planned for my study in Form 6 and after i did some researches on it, eventually I decided to survive in science stream. If and only if i have to study in Form 6, I would take up Maths T, Further Maths T, Physics and lastly, Pengajian Am (General Studies) which is also a compulsory subject. For Further Maths T, I have to check out with the school for the teacher as there are very few students taking Further Maths T in their STPM due to the hardness of this subject. There is also no fixed reference book for Further Maths T STPM due to the number of candidates each year. However, i am determined to take it as this subject can train me to have a rigorous thinking skill in maths and act as a exposure and preparation for my future study later on. For that, I have asked abundance of inquiries in Recom and thanks to all the helpful seniors there, i have got most of the answers for my questions. I'm really appreciate it and thanks in advance. =)

    Well, just want to tell a cheerful story about me, which is I have done my first and last driving law's  computerized test yesterday and passed it with flying colors, which is 47/50 in 8 minutes!!! Wow, so impressive... Thanks to my parents and kin, the exercise book, the computer, the lecturers, the agent and everything for supporting me through out the test. Thank you!!! ^_^


  1. Hey nick! What a long post xD

    Anyway, don't give up..There are many scholarships that you can apply to using your actual SPM result, so no worries! Just do your best =D

    (btw how did you find my blog?=.=)

  2. heyyy....fren of fird? haha...so u wanna take actuarial? seriously its nottime to giv up on scholarshp yet...reapply after spm results..who knows...ul be more prepared later...no worries..

    And personally, lets do actuarial mann! help malaysia's economy...an actuarial degree can work wonders!

    Good luck! =)

  3. Hey starlover!!! yeah it's long...hehehe~

    yeah thanks for consoling me. Hope so... ^_^ Oh, i found it on Siva's page in Recom... hehehe~

  4. hey rose, yeah i'm his friend... and u guess it right, i wanna take actuarial science in my undergraduate study... yeah guess so, thanks for consoling me...=)

    Erm, an actuarial degree is inadequate in helping the Malaysia's economy though... u have a degree in actuarial science not necessarily indicated that u have being a qualified actuary... wanna be a qualified actuary needs a lot of time and efforts in studying for the actuarial exams and passing them depending on the association you are bonding to.
    Thanks btw!!! ^__^

  5. Took me time to read the whole article, the article is great but the comments bring more brainstorm ideas, thanks.

    - Johnson


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