Wednesday, 24 February 2010

My First Car Driving Lesson!!! ~.~

Oh My Gosh, the first car driving lesson was a catastrophe!!! I straight away learnt it right after the instructor reached in front of my house, and it was the first time i put on the first gear with a full press on the clutch pedal. The engine didn't stopped luckily and i was glad that the car move smoothly when i press some power pedal for the very first time. However, while drove down the slope near my house, something wrong happened. I brake too much and the car went to a sudden stop with the engine dead. I just can't get used to the three main pedals and confused with it for the very first time. Now, finally i understood what is the feeling when my friends said that they confused with the position of three pedals, plus, my house don't have any manual gear car. So, it's normal if i can't get used to it for the very first time. 

Then, without forgetting the signal light, i turned to the direction where the instructor said, and all of these happened on the road. On the road, yes you're right, and i have to watch out really carefully for every single fast moving vehicle including the bulky lorries and the tiny motorcycles. Then, i drove to the new house lot residential area carefully and arrived at a free empty car parking lot. Yup, i trained myself there and drove for a few rounds of the same route at the almost-empty car parking lot. I enjoyed myself there and get used to normal driving. At first, i press the power pedal too hard and the car was driven fast until the instructor pressed the extra break to a sudden stop. After get used to the driving, i learnt ways to slow down the car during corner, stop my car completely and switch to the first gear after fully press on the clutch pedal, release the clutch pedal a little bit whilst press the power pedal lightly until the car start moving, keep on pressing the clutch at the level where the car start moving, switch to the reverse gear by using exactly the same way of first gear and lastly, three-point turn. 

Everything was quite fun, but the three-point turn was a little bit harder and different from the other ways of driving. Plus, the Perodua Kancil's steering was very hard to be turned at the zilch speed, as the aftermath i was quite exhausted just for turning the steering. I have done it for above ten times and finally get used to the three-point turn, but i have accidentally stopped my car's engine for a couple times while i switched to the first gear. After having rock and roll for one and a half hour, i drove back on the familiar road to my house, and that is it, my very first car driving car lesson. I thought it was quite a disaster for me, but in turn the instructor told me that it is normal for a beginner to drive like that and praised me, saying that i was quite fast in learning. Overall, the whole car driving lesson was an unforgettable experience for me, maybe for the next ten years. =) 

Hoped that i can be better in the next driving lesson next week. ^_^ 

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