Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Learning Maths again!!! ^_^

This morning, before going for the car driving lesson, i opened up Youtube again and started my maths lesson once again. Today, i started to learn the topics of Polynomials, which is the second chapter of the Maths T Form 6 STPM. I found it quite easy and fun, where the x has a larger power which are 3, 4, 5,.... and even 8. I just learnt about addition and subtraction as well as the long division of Polynomials. However, when i studied about the topic of Partial Fraction in Polynomials, i found it quite difficult to understand at first, but as i proceed the learning lesson, and stop for a while for thoughts, finally i understood about it. Great lesson though! ^_^

Oh, i have also learnt Probability Density Function just now and found it almost the same as the graph of Normal Distribution, so it was quite easy too. Hope that i was not wrongly interpreted it, feel free to correct me if i was wrong. Besides, i tried to study Correlation and Regression from the last chapter of Further Maths T F6 STPM, but ended up didn't understand most of it. Just hoped that someone can teach me about this chapter. =) 

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