Sunday, 28 February 2010

Recom!!! Where are you? =(

For a few days, Recom seemed to be pulled down due to some servers' traffic congestion. If I'm not mistaken, since the last 4 days, Recom encountered this problem and couldn't surfed by anyone, including me and my Recom's  friends. Since i have been quite active there for these few months, i started to feel empty without logging in into Recom for just a few days. In fact, it started last week where the screen appeared as "The user account has been terminated." Every kind of thoughts trickled out my mind, saying that maybe the website has been hijacked by spammers or something else with the similar capability, or maybe the website encountered some crash down at the domain. Even funnier post have been posted by one of my friends in the House of Spammers(HOS), saying that she thought that she has been hated by the moderators. It was just so hilarious and none of the other posts can beat her post. =)) Hmm, just hoped that Recom can be recovered soon and fill my precious time even more beneficially. ^_^

Favourite Music! =)