Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Feeling Awfully Disappointed!!! ~.~

The person i have waited for such a long time, didn't seemed to realize anything about my feeling to her. I know i have made a wrong choice, wrong in getting interested in her. For a couple of times, she hurt me with her words either accidentally or maybe intendedly, i don't know. Every time after she realized that i was sad, she'd try her very best to console me and not to make me sad. However, every time due to my soft heart, i'd just forgive her and pretend that nothing has just happened. I know, she don't want to have any relationship for now due to her past history, but i just made a wrong choice. I just feeling peculiar as i have gave her a lot of hints on my feeling, yet she still didn't realized it, maybe she was heartless, or maybe she knew about it and acted to know nothing. I just don't really know about it. Maybe, i should just give up on this. I just don't know. For me, love is about caring about somebody and wanting the person to live happily and smile always. I knew that she'd definitely read this, and i hoped that we'd at least still be friends in the end. =)


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